189-13 Airport Financial Operations Expert (Prospective Post)

Field Projects
ICAO Duty Station
ABW Post Reference

Qualifications Requirements:

1.  University degree in economics or business administration, or equivalent academic qualifications in financial management or accounting.

2.  Ten years experience at a responsible executive level in a government aviation department, operating agency, airline, or banking institution in planning and implementing civil aviation financial management programmes, including policy submissions or decisions on some, or all such matters of major concern to civil aviation or related directorates as:

a) setting up an Air Transport Section;

b) regulation of air transport operations including general aviation, operating licenses, route permits, rates, fares, business practices and competition;

c) regulation of the air transport market, control of airline operating economics and control of the economics of airports and route facilities;

d) bi-lateral agreements;

e) record keeping for regulatory, managerial, statistical and control purposes including a general knowledge of airline data processing and presentation to inform and assist the management;

f) traffic studies, forecasting trends, fleet planning; and

g) relationship of recurrent costs and user charges.

3.  Sound knowledge of ICAO policies on terminal and en route charges.

4.  Familiar with analyses of cost/benefit studies in the transportation field.

5.  Experience in drafting financial management regulatory material and preparing budgets for large organizations. Some experience in the financial management and administration of an Airports Authority would be particularly useful.

6.  Proven ability to express views clearly and to prepare concise reports. Ability to present, defend, and amend air transport projects or proposals.

7.  A good command of oral and written English, French or Spanish is essential. 


1.  Judgement/decision –making: Proven ability to take ownership of all responsibilities and to honour commitments, to exercise mature judgment, to recognize key issues and analyze relevant information, to make feasible recommendations and to take sound decisions.

2.  Communication: Ability to write clearly and concisely and to present articulate verbal reports.

3.  Teamwork: Ability to work with colleagues to achieve the project goals and maintain harmonious working relationships in a multinational environment.

4.  Leadership, vision and management of performance: Demonstrated ability to plan and guide the work of a technical team in a multinational environment, to identified priorities and adjust them as required.

5.  Client Orientation: Ability to establish and maintain partnerships with external collaborators, to work and advocate effectively in a consensus-based system and to successfully manage and resolve conflict.

6.  Commitment to continuous learning: Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in professional field.

7.  Technological awareness: Ability to use contemporary office automation equipment, software, databases.


1.  Developing tactical and long term (strategic) management of the Airport Finance Department. Assist and advise the Finance Director in managing all financial and accounting transactions of the airport to ensure that there are sufficient funds at all times and that funds are secured and financially managed in the most efficient and profitable manner:

a) establish at airport modern finance and accounting principles;

b) plan, organize and provide on-the-job training for all finance personnel;

c) develop and implement advanced cash flow management practices and culture, including a comprehensive programme for development of competence in modern cash flow management, planning and control;

d) assist and advise the Airport Finance Director to establish financial policies, procedures, systems and accounting practices for accounting, billing and financial control according to International Accounting Standards (IAS) aligned with the government authority;

e) assist and advise the Finance Director to establish, manage and control the billing and collection process of passenger and cargo fees, as well as other sources of revenue;

f) assist the Finance Director in identifying and formulating any missing competencies and external assistance required for realization of all duties and working processes in the financial, accounting, and billing fields;

g) assist and advise the Finance Director in any other areas of airport financial management and control as may be necessary

2.  Perform other related duties as may be required.


In accordance with the ICAO Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB) grading system.