189-11 Airport Master Plan Expert (Prospective Post)

Field Projects
ICAO Duty Station
ABW Post Reference

Qualifications Requirements:

1.  University degree in aeronautical engineering with specialty in airport master planning/engineering.

2.  Minimum of 15 years experience in airport master planning and engineering, aerodrome management, operations and maintenance, in a managerial position, with an airport authority or equivalent government department at a major international airport.

3.  Thorough knowledge of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) specified in ICAO Annex 14 and the guidance material contained in ICAO Airport Planning Manuals, Aerodrome Design Manuals, Airport Services Manuals, Manual of Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems, Manual on Certification of Aerodromes, and adequate familiarity with SARPs specified in Annexes 10, 11 16 and 17 and the guidance material contained in ICAO PANS-OPS Manual.

4.  Considerable experience in the planning and management of national civil aviation systems and facilities, preferably air traffic management related.

5.  Considerable experience with the evaluation of aerodrome operations, airspace and navaids, terminal building operations, and airport environmental issues

4.  A good command of oral and written English, French or Spanish is essential. 


1.  Core values: Integrity; Professionalism; Respect for Diversity

2.  Core competencies: Communication; Teamwork; Planning and Organizing; Creativity; Client Orientation; Technological Awareness.

3.  Managerial competencies: Leadership; Vision; Empowering Others; Building Trust; Managing Performance; Judgment / Decision-making.

4.  Judgement/decision –making: Proven ability to take ownership of all responsibilities and to honour commitments, to exercise mature judgment, to recognize key issues and analyze relevant information, to make feasible recommendations and to take sound decisions.

5.  Communication: Ability to write clearly and concisely and to present articulate verbal reports.

6.  Teamwork: Ability to work with colleagues to achieve the project goals and maintain harmonious working relationships in a multinational environment.

7.  Leadership, vision and management of performance: Demonstrated ability to plan and guide the work of a technical team in a multinational environment, to identified priorities and adjust them as required.

8.  Client Orientation: Ability to establish and maintain partnerships with external collaborators, to work and advocate effectively in a consensus-based system and to successfully manage and resolve conflict.

9.  Commitment to continuous learning: Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in professional field.

10. Technological awareness: Ability to use contemporary office automation equipment, software, databases.


1.  Provide an updated airport master plan that is comprehensive and which will address the need to optimize the existing airport site with a view to maximize the capacity of the expanded airport.

2. The master plan update to be prepared under the consultant’s leadership will have to address goals such as:

a) develop the airport in a manner that fully responds to the future needs of the air transportation industry in the future, in a way that decisively contributes to the socioeconomic development;

b) minimize the cost of the airport users, making PTY a competitive infrastructure that helps its users to succeed;

c) develop the airport in a flexible manner that is able to adapt to change;

d) ensure that the airport is operated in the future in a safe, secure, efficient, reliable, and environmental friendly manner;

e) develop the airport in harmony with its surroundings, taking into account aspects such as environmental impact minimization, and sustainability.

2.  Prepare and execute the work plan to complete the master plan update for the airport.

3.  Cooperatie with ICAO’s local office in the review and approval/acceptance of the different reports to be prepared by experts and consulting firms.

4.  Maintain, through ICAO’s local office and local project coordinator, adequate contact with other stakeholders in all those aspects of the master plan update exercise that require input or feedback from them.

5. Lead the preparation of the final reports.

6.  Perform other related duties as may be required.


In accordance with the ICAO Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB) grading system.