189-11 Airport Civil Engineering Expert (Prospective Post)

Field Projects
ICAO Duty Station
ABW Post Reference

Qualifications Requirements:

1.  University degree in civil engineering from a recognized university, or equivalent qualification.

2.  Ten years experience in construction management, supervision, planning and programming.

3.  Adequate experience in contracts administration and works progress monitoring. Well versed with FIDIC procedures.

4.  Proven ability in monitoring costs and quality control.

5.  Experience of handling technical correspondences with consultants and contractors.

6.  Experience in design, construction or modifications of aerodromes and its elements (runway, ATC tower, passenger buildings, etc.).

7.  Knowledge of aircraft operational characteristics and the uses of traffic forecasts, landing and take-off criteria and procedures, runway, taxiway and apron strenghts and widths, drainage, access routes and roads.

8.  A good command of oral and written English, French or Spanish is essential. 


1.  Judgement/decision –making: Proven ability to take ownership of all responsibilities and to honour commitments, to exercise mature judgment, to recognize key issues and analyze relevant information, to make feasible recommendations and to take sound decisions.

2.  Communication: Ability to write clearly and concisely and to present articulate verbal reports.

3.  Teamwork: Ability to work with colleagues to achieve the project goals and maintain harmonious working relationships in a multinational environment.

4.  Leadership, vision and management of performance: Demonstrated ability to plan and guide the work of a technical team in a multinational environment, to identified priorities and adjust them as required.

5.  Client Orientation: Ability to establish and maintain partnerships with external collaborators, to work and advocate effectively in a consensus-based system and to successfully manage and resolve conflict.

6.  Commitment to continuous learning: Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in professional field.

7.  Technological awareness: Ability to use contemporary office automation equipment, software, databases.


1.  Assist the state civil aviation authority (CAA) in the evaluation and approval of the design reviews prepared by consultants, cross-checking against operational requirements.

2.  Review the work of contractors/consultants to ensure compliance with the contract requirements and assist m the coordinated execution of the works.

3.  Supervise the execution of foundation works for the runway and terminal building structures.

4.  Follow up and monitor the execution of the construction work against the planned schedule to cover timely execution and adherence to the schedule, and effective implementation of contract agreements.

5.  Advise and assist state CAA in ensuring proper quality time and cost control in respect to the above work elements, and assist in the contract administration.

6.  Organize work in the laboratory to ensure proper evaluation of soils, materials, and conformity with provisions in contracts.

7.  Supervise collection and testing of all soil/material samples and cross-check test results prepared by contractors/consultants, and advise possible technical recommendations in works on expansive soils.

8.  Follow up the execution of the works and supervise the completion and commissioning of service in the buildings.

9.  Develop and train the national counterpart in the project activities, the design of review work, the supervision and the contractors administration works.

10. Develop formats for regular reporting on all activities of the project work, and the effective control of laboratory results.

11. Prepare reports which will serve as basis for a proposal for rehabilitation and future development of the airports.

12. Assess the current capacity and service-level conditions of the main airport facilities and equipment:  airside, passenger and cargo buildings, landside and access, complementary systems.

13. Evaluation of pavements conditions index (PCI), surface integrity index (SII), riding comfort index (RCI).

14. Perform other related duties as may be required.


In accordance with the ICAO Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB) grading system.