189-8 Aviation English Proficiency Expert (Prospective Post)

Field Projects
ICAO Duty Station
ABW Post Reference

Qualifications Requirements:

1. Thorough command of the English language and proven ability in preparation of written reports.

2.  At least ten years' experience teaching and evaluating English as a second language, preferably in an international aviation operational environment.

3.  Knowledge of appropriate ICAO documents and thorough understanding of the ICAOlanguage proficiencyrequirements, in particular, the "Manual on the Implementation of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements – Doc 9835-AN/453"

4.  Familiarity with various English proficiency rubrics.

5.  Ability to develop and administer context sensitive testing content, metrics and methodologies.

6.  Ability to consistently determine, through both written and oral exams, examinees scores on the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale and make recommendations to project staff based on those scores.

7.  A good command of oral and written English, French or Spanish is essential. 


1.  Judgement/decision –making: Proven ability to take ownership of all responsibilities and to honour commitments, to exercise mature judgment, to recognize key issues and analyze relevant information, to make feasible recommendations and to take sound decisions.

2.  Communication: Ability to write clearly and concisely and to present articulate verbal reports.

3.  Teamwork: Ability to work with colleagues to achieve the project goals and maintain harmonious working relationships in a multinational environment.

4.  Leadership, vision and management of performance: Demonstrated ability to plan and guide the work of a technical team in a multinational environment, to identified priorities and adjust them as required.

5.  Client Orientation: Ability to establish and maintain partnerships with external collaborators, to work and advocate effectively in a consensus-based system and to successfully manage and resolve conflict.

6.  Commitment to continuous learning: Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in professional field.

7.  Technological awareness: Ability to use contemporary office automation equipment, software, databases.


1.  Conduct of flight crew and aviation personnel English proficiency testing/assessment.

2.  Assist in recruitment of viable national candidates in various aviation disciplines.

3.  Develop and update testing procedures pertaining to English proficiency assessment and related administration, in conformity with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and guidance materials.

3.  Assist national staff in preparing plans and requirements for the establishment of an English language lab, and assist in its implementation.

4.  Prepare job descriptions for English language teaching staff.

5.  Develop capacity for English language teaching staff to assess skills based on the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale.

6.  Develop a system of record keeping for recording test results.

7.  Provide on-the-job training to counterpart national staff, as well as conduct workshops and seminars for international staff in the field of English language proficiency assessment.

8.  Perform other related duties as may be required.


In accordance with the ICAO Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB) grading system.