189-9 eBorder Specialist (Immigration) (Prospective Post)

Field Projects
ICAO Duty Station
ABW Post Reference

Qualifications Requirements:

1.  Advanced knowledge of various systems related to the implementation of eBorder.

2.  Knowledge of standards and recommended practices, procedures and manuals of ICAO.

3.  The expert must have at least a bachelor's degree in any of the fields of engineering or administration.

4.  Experts with advanced level of competence in the relevant areas must be at least five (5) years of experience in related fields.

5.  A good command of oral and written English, French or Spanish is essential.


1.  Judgment/decision–making: Proven ability to take ownership of all responsibilities and to honour commitments, to exercise mature judgment, to recognize key issues and analyze relevant information, to make feasible recommendations and to take sound decisions.

2.  Communication: Ability to write clearly and concisely and to present articulate verbal reports.

3.  Teamwork: Ability to work with colleagues to achieve the project goals and maintain harmonious working relationships in a multinational environment.

4.  Leadership, vision and management of performance: Demonstrated ability to plan and guide the work of a technical team in a multinational environment, to identified priorities and adjust them as required.

5.  Client Orientation: Ability to establish and maintain partnerships with external collaborators, to work and advocate effectively in a consensus-based system and to successfully manage and resolve conflict.

6.  Commitment to continuous learning: Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in professional field.

7.  Technological awareness: Ability to use contemporary office automation equipment, software, databases.


This expert will deal with the eBorder system (Immigration) within a project. The expert will also act as field-level analyst for the analysis of requirements, basic process and modeling of systems related to eBorder (Immigration).

1.  Coordinate and oversee the development of project activities in accordance with applicable directives and the concerning provisions of ICAO and act as head of the international consultants.

2.  Establish the plan for introducing the information and automation systems for devices eBorder (immigration) by analyzing the work of current immigration management, and those that should be implemented in the future.

3.  Design and operation of the eBorder (immigration) management processes using automation devices.

4.  Establish the plan for introducing information systems for the use of the solutions APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System), PNR (Passenger Name Record) and AQQ (APIS Quick Querys).

5.  Define the details of the analysis of works and technical requirements for the introduction of eBorder (immigration), network and automation devices, and prepare proposed terms of reference for international bidding.

6.  Prepare a report on the activities developed and results obtained in the evaluation of the areas and services covered by this project, including recommendations, according to the list of deliverables detailed below

7.  Review and endorse the reports of other consultants and distribute as appropriate. Prepare progress reports and internal assessment reports of project performance if necessary.

8.  Perform other activities as required.


The expert will undertake the following main activities for a project under the direction and coordination of a Team Leader (eFrontier, Identity Management and ePassport).

1.  Analysis "as is" (legacy system and analysis of facilities).

2.  Propose a transition plan to issue passports.

3. Model "to be" (design proposal specifications) to be considered in the bidding documents.

4.  Development of project proposal document for the next phase of activities.

5.  Proposed technical specifications for international bidding.

6.  Progress Reports.


In accordance with the ICAO Technical Co-operation Bureau (TCB) grading system.